I think the bouquets will probably be silk flowers. I want purple flowers with peacock feathers stuck in them.

I like the flowers in this one


I like the shape of these, and also the color of the bridesmaids dresses


I like the idea of making the bouquets out of non-traditional things, like adding feathers and other fun things. Tammy also sent me a link to a bouquet made of flowers made of ribbon and other fabric. I like them, too. These paper flowers, I like, but I don’t know that I like them for the bouquets. Maybe for centerpieces?

I think I like these, but more for centerpieces


I can't decide if i like varying shades of purple in them, or not

I've thought about hydrangeas...but i think they need to be darker :/

Ribbon flower idea from Tammy

I also like purple dalhias


Link to peacock feather provider:peacock feathers

Purple peacock feathers!

Basically in love with this one! (Even better: Put purple dahlias in there, too!


That’s all for now!



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